Picture of my 1987 GN


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May 24, 2001
Jim: 87 GN with: TE-61/PTE .63 housing; stock motor; Pat's 10"/3,200 converter; MSD 50#; CAS V-4; 3" DP; ATR 2.5" exhaust; 62 JJ TB/stock plenum; RJC power plate; Translator w/3" MAF; SMC progressive alcohol; Walbro 340; and Extender 100 chip with 24*/21* timing. Best 1/8 mile run: 7.280 @95.03 w/93 octane + alcohol.
Clean car! Are those the American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels?? From reading your sig it sounds like you got it running pretty strong too! :cool:
Thanks for positive comments guys. Tires/wheels are real. I had to resize the picture to post it. Yes, American Racing TT II.
I like the TT II's on a GN and it's something different from everyone that usually has Welds or Convo Pros... Good choice :)
I liked the TT II when they were gray colored years ago but I really had to get them when they came out with polished aluminum. They are a pain to keep polished though.

I bought the car in 1989 with 6,000 miles on it and it has just turned 48,xxx. I drive it about 3,000 miles per year but it does see a good amount of test and tune time at the track. :)
Wow man nice car we have damn near the same combo right down to the wheels :eek: lol :biggrin: Im only going to be adding a translator pro to my car this winter ( I hope lol)