Pictures of final hydroboost..almost


Self-tuning wanna-be
Apr 14, 2012
As you guys know i purchased a Tallon Kit for a hydroboost swap. Finally after about a month or so of the car being on jackstands between not having time...working, family, different hoses and fittings, a new reservoir...burning up a pump...various leaks, changing every brake line in the car....i am finally complete. Here are pics of the final install. I cranked it and it made a horrible groan again....i was like "fuck me", i got disgusted and let it run for a few...cycled the wheel again, then it stopped. Before when i felt the pressure line to the pump it was vibrating like crazy, now it was just smooth after all the air pushed out....I still haveca slight brake pedal is soft and slow to return...i will bleed it again tommorrow.View attachment 287634 View attachment 287634 View attachment 287635