Pistons Diamond 4.023 bore, 3.625"/6.5" crank rod combo


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Jun 18, 2001
I have set of very lightly used Diamond piston that have literally seen boost for only one dyno session. I made some changes to my motor and ended up with a different piston design. Pic is spec sheet from Diamond and these pistons were made for a lot of power and cylinder pressure. I also made them change the valve relief and put more material in the ring lands which is why the dish looks a little different.

4.0175 piston skirt for a 4.023 finished bore size
483..5g weight
1.340 compression height
.043/.043/3mm rings setup
Wire lock retainers
Pins not included but specs are.927 dia, 2.950 length 2.05 thick
23cc dish
Skirts and tops are coated

$475 shipped PP F&F


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