PL and SP on Scanmaster?


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What numbers should I be seeing for PL and SP on my Scanmaster? Also, PL and SP are not always displayed. Just once in a blue moon! What's up with that? Thanks, R.B.
I'm pretty sure PL is pulse width. I also believe SP is spark advance. I had it happen to me once also and I'm not sure why. I'd like to have it all the time if it were possible to have the unit modified though. All you give up is the malfunction codes; this I could live without.
Scanmaster 2.0 could get stuck in pulsewidth and spark advance mode if a noise pulse was received at just the right time.

2.1 doesn't do this.

For pulsewidth and spark advance , and maintaining 'slow' data stream with malfunction codes, get datastream "Z"

For high speed data (with PL and SP) get datastream Y for Scanmaster 2.0, or W for Scanmaster 2.1. (no malfunction codes in high speed data)