Plan A or Plan B?

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Alright i got my headunit, Pioneer deh-7300. now i gotta decide on a sub and an amp. I'm only running one 12 so that i still have room in my trunk for my t-tops. I have come up with two plans.

Plan A: to use one jl w3 and a JL 500/5 amp to run the sub, two 6x9's and two 4x10's. this is the expensive route for me seeing that JL is top quality and top price. the Rms that the sub channel puts out matches the w3 perfect.

plan b: i just bought a audiobahn DVC sub aw1200x, 700 rms. there are a few amps that i'm looking at right now for this and all at mono sub amps. sony, jbl, and a Jl audio. the sony is the cheapest and if i wire the DVC in parallel will i get 2 ohm load? This would make 600 rms. which is close to what the sub can handle. I like the features that the JL has but my budget is tight cause my car needs other things besides audio. if i go sony i'll proably get the sony 760w 2 ch to run my 6x9's and that way i can set it up nice with the matching amps.

I'm not looking to compete at all but i just want people to know i'm comming from a few blocks away. I also got a 1 farad capacitor to store some power. I still have a stock alternator and i was wondering whether i should get a bigger alt or go for a optima battery. I don't want the damn lights to blink like they did before. I'm using some 4 gauge power wire also. I'm really not leaning towards adding a second battery either. If i decide to put in that sony 1000w sub amp crutchfield recomends i use those ASL type fuses. whats your opinion on that? Now if i could only undestand the terminolgy that pioneer uses in the deh7300 manual. I still don't understand what fading and non fading and what all the settings mean, i just know that i can turn up my sub by useing it?
i would say go with plan b. The 1200x while not as tight as the w3 will get very loud (put it in a ported box and wow), and is a bit cheaper. Since your on a budget, its a good mix. For amps I would say look into the jbl class d series. they are good amps and offer a ton of bang/$. get as many watts as you can afford.