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I'm thinking of getting a plasma cutter and was wondering what everyone thought of the different brands . I'm looking at a 3/8" 120v/240v cutters . I like Miller Spectrum 375X , Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP , and Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 . Thanks, Sam
Sorry this thread was suppose to be in the Turbo Lounge , can one of the Moderators please move . Thanks , Sam
I have a Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter that is going on 8 years old and have had no issues with it. Works like a champ.
I have a Hypertherm at work, and also have one at home. Work is the 30 I believe, mine is the 65. Both have been great.

I will say to think of what the thickest material you ever think you will want to cut, then go the next size up. Just my thoughts. Work wasn't thinking when they got the 45. I get into fabbing salter mounts and it just doesn't do well. They thought 5/16 would be the thickest. Cutting 1/2" I have to bring mine in from home, or just sever it, then cut again from the other side, then grind everything clean. I bring mine in and just cut it most of the time.
All Lincoln products here. The 25 cutter is good for the body shop types stuff, I do. I have had a few instances with heavier plate. I would go to the 40 if I was to do it again. Mine has been in service for over 10 yrs, is 110/240V. Change the tip once in a while. No problems.
I have the Millermatic welder and spectrum 375. Bought them both at a pawn shop. They perform flawlessly. Now if I could only create some sexy welds.
I have a Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 50 Sam and it's been great for 15 years now. I'm sure there is many newer units out there now. Mine claims it cuts 1/2" clean and will sever 3/4". Although I don't think I have ever done 1/2". I know it cuts 7/16" clean as I have cut a couple flanges for a diy turbo project I did on a S-10. Only issue I have is it doesn't work if under 50 degrees outside. Took it in when new and of course they couldn't duplicate it. Been aiming a heat gun into it for a couple minutes ever since.

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Looks like I can't go wrong with any of them , I might just go Blue so my mig welder won't get mad at me . I probably won't cut anything thicker than 3/8" max so a 120/240v cutter will do . I like winter projects , it helps justify buying new tools ! Thanks , Sam
I have to take mine to work tomorrow to do a lego salter mount kit... It's actually a model 600, not the 65. I think the 65 replaced it.
I found a barely used Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 for $550 on CL , waiting for a reply .
My bud just got 1 from Eastwood.,, a "40", for just over $500. No details.
Funny you should mention that, I was just looking at the Eastwood 40 & 60 last night. The only bad review I read was lack of support after warranty ran out , as in no repair parts or service . The price is inviting and reviews were good on performance though.
I have an Eastwood 135 mig and it works great for $250. That sits on top of the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50, which sits on my Miller Matic 230. All excellent machines. Not sure about the Eastwood plasma. But the mig seems good quality.

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Well I ended up getting the Miller 375 extreme . I got the steel yesterday and the cutter today so Saturday the frame notch gets welded in .
My 375 is not the Xtreme model. I am trying to get some good practice time in doing floor pans. There is a good demand for that and patch panels.
Nice Sam, gonna be sick with the notch and some bigger meats in the back. Let me know if you need a hand with the notch. I have nothing going on all winter.

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Hey Scott , Joey & I already cut out the driver side with a cut off wheel . We were waiting for the plasma cutter to cut the 1/4 plate and finish it up . It looks like we might not have to cut out then add to the wheel wells , maybe just a little heat & BFH persuasion . I don't want to take out any more than needed to clear the new wheels & tires . We're also rolling the fenders after the rear end is back in .
That's gotta be a bitch with the body on. But it looks like you're getting it done. My GN is taking the summer off. Lol. I'm going to play with the Camaro more this summer. Ordering the EFI in the next couple days. Up in the air between 2 different setups, plus 4 options on the fuel system. Hoping to get a couple trips to the track with it after 12 years.

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It wasn't bad at all . We did the 2 vertical end cuts first , then along the bottom at depth . Then the top cut along the face to give access to the top at depth from the inside , so it was 1 extra cut along the top . The body is supported with the trans jack at the rear bumper . We are doing one side at a time to keep everything straight .
On a side note , are you going to RCG this May ?? Bill and I are going .