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What's An Intercooler
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well if there is any. please help. my g/f 94 honda civic Vtec took a crap on friday. she was just driving it and it died. i got it home to find out there is not spark and the injectors are not pulsing.. these are the things i have checked. all fueses,main relay. it has fuel pressure but injectors are not squiting. all connecters. disconnected them all cleaned them nothing. tryed swaping computers still nothing. if anyone can point me in any direction that would be great

Try checking the distributor. See if the rotor is turning, How many miles on this car? Could be a broken timing belt or a defective distributor.
No spark, and no fuel, thats weird at the same time. Those older Hondas had ignition issues (not sure about vtec), the parts inside the distributer would go and there would be no spark.