Please help, Looking for a GN mechanic in the Los angles area!


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May 29, 2001
I am trying to help someone out in the Los Angels area looking for a good Buick mechanic. He has a 1984 T type and it was stolen & recovered. He doesn’t know what is missing on the car so he wants to take it someone that knows what they are doing.

Although not in LA County, The Tune-up Shop in Costa Mesa (Orange County) is a reputable place to go. The owner, Grant Burris, is a 30+ year Buick veteran and a real straight shooter.
The address and phone are:

Tune-Up Shop
449 West Bay Street
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627
Hye Tech Performance
13912 Valley Blvd., Suite A
La Puente, CA 91746

Good guys and they know there stuff. They have a 9 sec buick.
Try Darryl Davis at Boulevard Buick in Long Beach. He is excellent and knows his turbo Buicks. He is the only dealership tech that I would trust with my car. His number is (949) 254-7150.
I will second Darryl Davis's name. He has maintained my turbo buicks for about 6 years now. I have had a total of 4 and he has done work on all four. He is at Blvd Buick in Long Beach on Cherry Ave.

I just reread your post and noticed you mentioned that the car was stolen. What exactly is wrong with the car and the way it runs/drives? Maybe some of us local so-Cal guys can help. If not, you can always take the car to Darryl as I recommended above. I'm sure he can help. Good luck. :)

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