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Dec 7, 2004
I'm on second half leave for Christmas/New Years. I came down in my truck and myself and my sister have to drive both my truck and my Grand National back to Norfolk Va today. The car was involved in an accident while I was gone in the front right side. The car, until last weekend, had been sitting in the same spot for a year without being started. It started right up, however I had an error code 13. I replaced the O2 and it was gone in a flash. Now when I pulled it out of the garage I'm getting #15. "cool temp low/open wire" This car HAS to go back with me today. I'm about to start dumping tons of cash in it however I have to get it back. lol Can I drive about 450-500 miles with this error code in or is there something i can do thats quick? Also to be honest I don't know where this part is. Please help
Coolant temp sensor is in the front of the intake right near where you were working on the O2 sensor you may have knocked the plug loose. If the sensor is bad it MIGHT make the car a bit rich depending on the chip but I would drive it under your conditions.
According to Mitchell on Demand the coolant temp sensor is $24.12 GM list and is part #15326386.
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I am in NE Suffolk. If you are in a jam, give me a call and I will see if I can help.
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Thanks for all of your replies. The car made it back in one piece without any problems. Made me worry much less on the trip. Turbopete...thanks for the offer. We should hook up some time after I get the car back together. About to go through a HUGE rebuild of the whole car. Is your car the one rolling around with GNX style rims? I've seen that one a few times as well as one that's for sale driving around. Gonna be on this forum often. Again, thanks for your help guys.