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Feb 25, 2005
How in the world do you put oil feed line back on(to the turbo)!??!? I have been trying to do it and I just cant get it started back on the thread!!!! For the love of god, please someone give me some help or tips on how to do this(i.e.- what kind of tool to use). I tried for a long time today and I couldnt get it back on!!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
It can be a real PITA. The fitting has to go in straight. First, if it is a new line or if you had completely removed it, make sure that it is not on upside down. What might help is if you can reach down the line and slightly flex it in the middle and don't tighten the bottom fitting until the top is started.
Thanks for the help but I dont think there would be any way of getting to it when the turbo is would probably be damn near imposssible. Maybe I am wrong but I could barely get my hand down there with the turbo yo have any other ideas????
I once struggled for a long time to get the feed line back into the brass fitting. I finally noticed that I'd bent the "hole" for the feel line while screwing the fitting back into the turbo. It was oblong. A new $2.00 fitting fixed it.

Now I never tighten the brass fitting very much. It really doesn't need it if you use pipe thread sealant when screwing it into the turbo. And you don't oblong the hole if you're using less pressure.
I feel your pain, and felt it before.

What worked for me was bending the line a bit and trying to line it up perfectly straight. In the end, the line didnt look like it first did, but who cares what it looks like.

Another suggestion would be to loosen the turbo mounting bolts, or if you can loosen the oil line on the block side. Its a lot easier to get things started when both sides, are loose.

If you think the oil line is hard, try the fuel rail return line, especially if everything else is bolted down. Darn near impossible.
Must be something in the air. For the first time in a year, my car was officially broken down cause of oil feed line issues. Check out my thread called "emergency". Like someone mentioned, that hole can be made oblong very very easy from using the wrong wrench. Try to find a socket to screw it into the turbo. Plus these fittings werent really made to be used many times. Given its brass, the steel line forms and crushes a seal against the cone in the fitting. After its been crushed the first time, its not really the same again. I think if you cant get the nut back in the fitting, its either the threads on the nut or in the fitting are botched, or the alignment is all wrong. When alignment is right and the threads arent damaged, it goes in easy as pie. Given the fitting is brass, the threads in the fitting are probably bad. Go to your parts store and ask them if you can go through all their brake fitting drawers. The guy I talked to was too lazy to look in all the drawers and said they didnt have it, so i got him to let me look through them. I got lucky and found the exact fitting I needed. My old one was not only cracked, but the threads were stripped. I would recommend that you get a few of these fittings if you can. Use blue loctite when you screw it into the turbo, and dont leave it a little loose in the turbo just for the sake of worrying that you wont be able to make it another full turn and line it up with the line. Go in till its /starting/ to get tight, and then go another full turn. Tighten the line nut into the fitting, but dont overtighten it. Just go till it clamps the line and snug it. You want to still have some room for more "crush" in the fitting in case it leaks after the first try.