please help!



Hello guys,

The nightmare I am having is that when I stall the car and then WOT the car takes off and all of a sudden cuts off. It feels like if the car completely shut off. I am running DS and after recording several runs with the same problem I noticed that when the car dies, it really does die. IN scope mode it shows all the values and voltages of everything at zero. Everything tps, mph, O2's, timing advance. I noticed that the battery voltage during the runs was around 13.2. In thinking it might be the alternator i removed it and bought a 150 amp impala alt and also a new battery to be safe. Then ran the car again and same thing. The spike seems to happen at higher rpm mainly when I launch from a stall. If I get on it on the highway I haven't seen this happen. I have a tie down strap on it so I asume the engine does not move. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance Mario Garza
87 fiero
I had this exact same problem, and in my case it was as simple as pulling the ds connector out of the ecm, and shimming it out a touch with a piece of cardboard. (although it took 2 months to figure out)