Please kiss my 3.8 V6 ass


Faster and Faster untill
May 2, 2004
Such an interesting day.

I am presently playing around with two Turbo Trans Am's, but I still need a BIGGER everyday driver, so I chose a grand national, supposedly an 11 second car, "supposedly" I never had her on the track, well today, on my fifth day of ownership, because I'm still waiting for new front rotors for my Turbo Trans Am, I had been continuously driving the national," Fits kids and football equipment better too"......... I looked in my mirror and what do I see, 3 grand nationals what else could they be, on their way to a meet, the reason they were on the Street, so on with the gas, my foot did depress, to put some distance between me and the rest, stopped into the meet, got back on the Street, when what did my wondering eyes appear, a short little FORD, driven by a man with a beard, I thought to myself could it be Santa Claus himself, could it be the Ford GT that on Christmas he forgot to give me????? Quickly I did learn that Sanna it was not, because when the light changed it was no game, off with a line lock, and onto the gas, off we did fly, with three cars of length, with a GT 40 in the left lane, as the speed meter climbing, I knew I was on borrowed time, For just in a moment, I knew he would come by, off to 120 he sat five cars back, sat that short Ford, and this is a fact, he looked so uncomfortable all crammed inside, with only one other seat, next to his side, I am sure one other day I will see him again. And in that seat beside him, will be a box of tissues my friend................POWER SIX FOREVER.....
I was among the first to arrive in a pack of four GNs coming up the hill with a deleware state police cruiser as an escort (wasnt planned that way)

we are always welcome to newcomers

glad to meet you there , hope you enjoyed meeting the MAGNA crowd ,

next meet will be on feb18th at turnerville fuddruckers
and TTAs are more than welcome
I consider myself to be fortunate that I did not have an escort, :rolleyes: as you did lol, it was nice meeting everybody unfortunately I had to go, busy busy busy paying for all the parts I need to go fast. Over all a very good day, I got to see several awesome Nationals, and I had the pleasure of racing a Ford GT, all within about 1/2 hour. If only everyday could be so good. :smile:


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All about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Going to a show and shine this summer in my TTA, I found some respect....From a C-5 Vette :)

Cruising 30 in a 40 mph 6 lane street, a Gorgeous yellow C-5 Vette creeps up on my driver's side....And what does he do? He gives me a thumbs up! Then, rolls down his window and says, "Is that a 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am?"

About this time, I see the badge with 415 hp behind his front wheel well. He goes on to say that a friend of his in CA has two TTAs....Building one for the Salt Flats and an attempt at 300 MPH :eek: All this while cruising down the street.

He turned off and didn't seem to challenge or bully. Saw him later at the show and shine. Took him for a ride. He was duly impressed and said he 'might need one of these to play with'. He reported his best quarter mile time as 12.4 seconds. He can't wait until the new C-6 comes out so he can spend big bucks on it. Since his demonstration ride, I've added Alchy and have a larger puck to install to get boost over the 19-20 PSI mark, I'd like to race him now....I think I can do better than 12.4 :biggrin: :)

I think a strong TTA can match or beat the newer Vettes at top end too....But, I don't want to be in the car over 130 mph or so for very long. A stock Festival TTA was clocked at 171 on the straight at Indy in 1989, a slightly modded TTA has the horses to go 190+ ....I just don't want to be in it going that fast :)

Classy guy, with respect (on both sides) :)