please look over my parts list and my prices


i have everything lined up all my prices all the phone calls all the information i have been asking has come down to this.
if you have any opinions or other suggestions before i demolish my bank account
please let me know thank you for reading and appreciate the time and any advice.

parts list

comp 206/206 roller-303

morel lifters-290

rocker shaft supports x6-55

front cover blueprinted and ported with oil pump-317

arp head stud kit-96

arp rod bolts-103

comp 941 valvesprings-129

roller cam button-42

pistons rings and pins-JE or WISECO same price -499

now for machine shop work

resize rods-75


cam bearings-50

resurface/cut/polish crankshaft-100

balance rotating assembly-290

grand total about 2500
At a minimum I'd stud the mains too... (Didn't see that on your list)
To go a step further, I'd girdle the block or put better caps on it also.
Unless you're going into the deep 9s, you don't need a girdle.

Yes, get the center main billet caps. Get ARP main studs.

Don't buy the pistons until the block is bored. I would get Diamond pistons.

You forgot main/rod bearings.

Does the machine shop have torque plate for honing the block?

When you do the billet center caps, you are going to need a line hone. The shop should line hone the block with the heads on.

What shop is doing the work?

Billy T.
price check the two center mains (and the extra machine work involved) as opposed to the girdle. I believe the girdle will be stronger and not much more cost if any..........added insurance down the road since almost everyone wants to go faster at some point.
The machinist Must know how to install main caps properly or there will be problems BUT this also applies to the girdle so make sure they Know what they are doing!! lots of parts & a Real PITA when they screw it up on you!

It doesn't look like this build will go into the nines just yet, but what if he wanted to go super fast later? Who would do the engine girdle w/scraper, billet mains etc. Who would you trust with this task and how quickly would it be done. Buying the parts is not the problem, who will put their hands on it and perform flawless workmanship??????
franks machine shop clifton nj he built a couple of these turbo motors already and also does customers 2jz's 4g63's k20s blocks and heads he knows his **** about everything

girdle or mains?
The girdle or mains question will always be a debate I think.
I went with a girdle. Bobby at RPE was in agreement. Other builders don't always agree that a girdle is needed.
I felt it was cheap peace of mind. Good luck with the build
what exactly and how does the girdle add the extra strength?

it just holds the bottom end of the block tighter so it doesnt expand or felx in any way?

is it possible to just do both and get it over with just to have the safest peace of mind?
girdle or main caps

I think the girdle will hold everything together over just doing the billet main caps. But you still have to machine the caps to install the girdle right? Who cares if you grind down the turbo6 trademark. How much more could it be to align bore and set the caps up straight? In my opinion I would want the most solid bottom end---------do it right once! You know you're gonna throw bigger boost numbers at it later. What happens when you want to make700hp or more?
A girdle is going to HELP protect your lower end. NOTHING will keep a motor together with detonation. It is my opinion that you build it as strong as possible and hope for the best. Build a 9 second motor and run 10's Did I overbuild mine...possibly...but I know I did what I could to protect my investment. If you are going to go with a girdle make sure you get it done by someone who KNOWS these engines, most people don't, I can not stress this enough. Yes it will cost you a few dollars but get it done right.
Good luck

so billet mains arps plus a girlde is the strongest setep for the bottom end for the 109 block?

I'd do one or the other not both .. we have about 15k miles on Melissa's RJC girdled block that she drives everyday in the summer. like others have said DETONATION is goin to be the "key". oh her motor is over 700 RWHP :cool: