Plx DM6 Gen 4 users help.


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All was working well on my set-up, until I decided to route the gauge on the pillar. I did a wire splice for more length and now it starts, but it says "no sensor detected". I called PLX and he says my jumper came out. He guided me to my module and asked about the little spot that says term undermeath the analog connector. He says there should be a jumper there, but im not sure. It ran fine without one...anyone have any ideas?
I am at a loss. Ive traced wires, ive removed and replugged everything like supposed to when it was working. I dont get it...all i did was splice and that was it, now I get a no sensor detected reading. Can it have something to do with the gauge of wire i was a bit thicker. I did notice, that when i spliced one of them, it hade a red semi hard material around a few wires. I am assuming that is for rigidity and thats it. Im stumped...ive only had it for 2 months...can this detector be bad or the module already????
A pic of my connections---


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The Plx guy said, i needed a jumper in the term spot....but it worked before. I have everything running through the analog block1460308960195600508858.jpg
Wish I could help you out but I don't use a gauge because my scanmaster is hooked to the PL, and reads AFR right on the scanmaster screen. no need for an AFR gauge on my PLX setup.
Also, I just checked my PLX box, and it has that little term jumper, even though I don't run a gauge. I can't find my PLX instructions so I don't remember its purpose.
Guess, I'll check their site to see what it's for.

According to their site, that TERM jumper has to be there when using this module stand alone. If you are using other modules you remove it from modules down stream.
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Anyway to ohm these things out. Im getting power to the sensor because it shows the hacked up reading. Maybe ohm the sensor somehow???