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Oct 10, 2001
Does anyone know a name/phone number of the place Dennis get his polishing work done? Like on his intake piping. I thought he said the place is in Redmond, but I'm not sure. If anybody talks to him and could find out that'd be coo.

I think he retired! but maybe not. I believe the business was his last name( Wetnols) Spelling?
There is a place in bremerton called efs.Its a chrome shop but they polish to.My brother just got some shocks done and they look great.360-674-3825


Yes I had my inlet pipe, up pipe, throttle body, valve covers, and turbo shield polished by Whetnall's. Also my wheels on the 68 Dodge. He retired shortly after that. If Whetnall's is still in business I would guess he sold the business and name to somebody else. It also is not in the same location, as it was about 3 or 4 miles north of there before according to the map shown. You might give them a call and see what the deal is.

By the way when is the show you are entering the car in going to be. Is it in March?
WAS in march, but I don't think I'll make it now.

Oh, yeah. After getting the appraisal started, but before getting the final copy in order to switch insurance companies, I managed to rear end someone on the way to work.......soooooo... With a little MORE work it'll be just a little different this coming summer. :( At least most of it'll have fresh paint again. :tongue: