Poly motor mounts

dank GN

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i was looking around on the good ol intronet and found these mounts . Was curious to see if anyone has used a set like these before . They are only $165 so thinking about giving them a try .
Nice looking parts. Considerable time spent w/ the welding.
N E idea as to the durometer on the poly?
No don't know I just ordered this setup so I'll let everyone know how it works out .
I'm very curious about the way they fit.

Let me know the pros and cons once installed.

I like the fact that I can make those real easy and I also like the fact that when they wear out all I would need to do is change the poly bushings which are dirt cheap, especially compared to buying new mounts.

They also will last forever and look to be made out of stainless.

Time to fire up the Tig Rig!!!
I will have to drill acouple holes in the frame to bolt the mount to it but besides that I don't thing you can go wrong for $165 shipped . Again. I'll post up the fit and finish
I can make them a direct fit, so just take some pics so I know how to cut the base plate.

I could just use old mounts to go by also but want to see how those mount and fit.
Thanks for the pics.

When you install them let me know how the fit is. Take pics regardless so I can modify where needed if I see any issues.

I will probably make mine out of stainless and will show you what they look like when I'm done with them.