poor fuel mileage


turbo swimmer
Mar 2, 2003
in town i'm lucky to get 10mpg. highway is 15-18 rarely do i see 20. what could be causing that? I just got a new o2 that i'm hoping was contributing to it some.

whatelse could be affecting it that much? I do have a pretty heavy foot but not enough to give me that kind of fuel mileage.

22 is the absolute best i've ever seen, that was all slowmiving highway miles too.
Just out of my curiousity, how do you check your mileage?
Not that it is not possible, but I have never heard of a TR getting as little as 10 in the city.
It's winter - that doesn't help.

When you mod these cars, and drive them hard, they suck gas. Remember horsepower = air + fuel. Like death and taxes, there's no getting around it.

Maybe you're running fat, and can use some tuning, but IME don't expect miracles...

Bro not trying to be a smart ass but i dont think i know anyone that has good gas milage with a GN.:(You want good gas milage buy a honda.:D
I had two small vacuum leaks that did that to mine and after those were fixed mine is better but I don't think these cars with mods will ever be impressive either Just a thought
i'll go through and check for any visable vacume leaks, i think there might be a small one going to the heater controlls, but i'm not sure, never checked into it.

i'm not expecting honda type mielage out of it, i know i didnt' buy a honda (very good thing too) but i've still heard 20 is about average.

I might be tunning a little rich, but i'm not sure. whats a normal idle fuel pressure? i dont' remember mine off the top of my head, but i want to say 38. maybe 28 i don't remember, something with an 8...

i check it from the odometer and how much fuel i have to put in to fill it up, then divide the 2 to get the mpg. i don't know of any other way.
I have had a total of 5 '86-'87 TR's over the last 8 years and every one of them have pulled between about 16.5 and 18.0 mpg.
over a course of 25 miles each way to and from work with about 15 of that freeway and about 10 of that normal city traffic at a pretty good clip. All of them were basically bone stock. When I did chip one, the mpg immediately dropped about 1.3 mpg over the same course.
For comparision's sake, my new '02 Z06 6 speed pulls about 2.0 mpg better, (about 19.0 mpg) over the same course. Occasionally both cars will be stuck in basically bumper to bumper traffic most of the freeway home, at least 3 days a week.
I check mpg the same way using the same pump with the car heading in the same direction and pump till it won't hold any more.
ive been trying to figure out my cars mileage ever since ive had it. it gets about 12-15 around town, but it will get as high as 24-27 on the highway on the way down the shore. i just cant figure it out. and mileage is generally worse in the winter because the winter gas in formulated differently that warmer temp gas.