Pop Pop


Feb 6, 2005
Last weekend I was leaving the track and went under WOT to pass a Firehawk Also leaving the track lol. when the car started to Pop I let off and checked the scanmaster and it read about 2.5 went back and hit the gas and the car ran fine. no smoke or any other problems well again today i was under WOT and the car poped again??? no smoke or anything like that and car goes right back to running normal any tips would be great.

Thanks Again
Sparkplug wires and or plugs. Plug gap. Quality wires and AC plugs gapped correctly= no pop.
Thanks alot. I figured that was the prob so today I went and got some new plugs lets see if that fixes the prob.

I don't know what kind of wires you have, but in general the pop is more often caused by wires than plugs. New plugs may help for a while, but I hate the pop. If you go ahead and put some good wires on there it's no worries from there. Danny
I'm glad to hear that lol. I went and put in NGK plugs gapped at .32 and when I got on it right away the POP came back :mad: that sure makes my heart drop every time, it's happend 3 times now. Whats going on inside the engine when that happens? I'm not driving it now untill
I can get it figured out. Any tips or experience with wires lol?
I personally gap my NGK's @ .28. I use UR5's, I think the gap in your plug is too large. Bring it down some so you are not blowingout the spark!!!! Also OHM your coil pack out it could also be the culprit.. I also use the good MSD wires never a problem with them.
Just about any of the top of the line wires will work. I have used MSD, Accel, etc. 50ohm per ft. And yes gloseing the gap is a great Idea. What is happening is this. Our ignitions are called waste spark ignition. When one cylinder is firing, it's opposite cylinder(that is on the exhaust stroke) fires at the same time but in opposite polarity. So if on the compression stoke there is a miss fire, it will get another chance to fire the unburned gases on the exhaust stroke. POP! Why will it fire on the exhaust, and not the compression stoke? For the spark to leap across the gap in open air takes a minimum amount of energy. As comperession increases the energy required to produce a spark also increases. You can either increase energy to compensate or close the gap required for the spark to jump. Keeping your ignition components in top shape is a must in a boosted application. As boost goes up, so do the requirements of the ignition. If you know your plugs and wires are good then you move to the coil, and on and on from there until you get to the passenger side back up light which is the end of the line in ignition diagnosis. Ha! Hope this helps. Danny
WoW! Thank you so much for the great explanation I have a much better understanding now. I'll repost after the new wires are on and let you know if the POP is gone lol.. Thanks again.

Hi Brian,

How are those M/T's working out for ya? Anyway I had this exact problem on my Regal GS and it was caused by the plug wires. Get a set of MSD's and call it done. Oh yeah, and make sure you clean the contacts on your coils. Sometimes that helps a bit.