Ported TTA Heads for Sale


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Dec 6, 2001
1989 Turbo Trans Am heads for sale. These are specific for the TTAs. I bought these heads with a complete TTA motor. They have been ported and supposablly worked on by Fred Vetter of Dynotech. The TTA this was from went 11.00 at 124mph with these heads. I have had these heads flowed and magnafluxed at a local machine shop. The #'s are as followed;

192 CFM
600 Lift

145 CFM
600 Lift
Flowing at 28 in

The shop said that the head were in good condition and that all cylinders were holding compression, though there were signs of a slight stress fracture, but said it didnt worry him to much. The only reason I am getting rid of these is because I originally bought the TTA motor to put in a '88 Camaro. Instead I bought a '87 GN. I am taking offeres on these heads, please email or respond to the post for any questions.
WOW do you have the flow #'s down low, after all these cars factory cams were only .400 lift.
When I got these flowed that was the only numbers I got. I thought I was suppose to get a full range printout, but did not.