Possible Fuel /O2 Problem


New Member
Oct 7, 2003
Please advice on the following technical matter:

I have an 87 GN that is emitting white smo from the exhaust. At first I thought I had an engine problem because the smoke had a burnt oil smell to it. But, I inspected the Inter-cooler as recommended previously and found that there was an oil build ing up in the area...but once that problem was solved I started smelling the fuel. The fuel pressure at idle is reading 37 lbs. At open throttle the reading is 60 lbs. The chip used to signal the fueling system can be described as black in color and has a red dot on its center. The following numbers are displayed on the fuel injectors 5208008-0363. Does anyone know these injectors? The GN has an after market fuel pump of some type located on the frame forward of the right rear. The pump makes an usually loud buzzing sound when car is driven. In addition, approximately two months ago I replaced the O2 sensor. Any help on why the abnormal fuel flow would be greatly appreciated. And thanks to everyone for earlier tech support.