Possible Solution for Valve Cover Breather Oil Leaks

I had the same issue for a long time. I did pretty much the same thing with the catch can and valve covers but it didn't work for me at WOT on high boost. I had to install a vacuum pump. Once I did that, zero issues. Have you gone WOT with your new setup?

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Chris Hogeland made these for me

Which form part of a catch can system on my valve cover vents.

Probably overkill but I have no more oil out the breathers
would you mind posting rest of the pictures with that setup. and where did you get the grommets made with those fittings?
I did some maintenance this winter and was trying to find a oil leak that i have been chasing for a while now. I thought it was the valve covers, then the rear main seal, etc. My starter would have oil dripping down it and the oil drips would wind up directly in the center of the flywheel cover. Well, after much work here and there, and changing gaskets, etc. I found it was leaking from the my valve covers. I have the GN1 covers, with the push in style Metco Breathers, on the angled push in style adapters.

I thought about making a baffling solution in the valve cover, but found 1 or 2 small threads here mentioning gasket baffles.

I found some in the store and wanted to share them since the leaking valve covers is an ongoing topic on here and there are no good threads in here about them that "I" have personally found.

Mr. Gasket sells these:

Baffled Grommets - P/N 5425

They can be picked up from the local O'Reillys for like $3 for a set of 2.
Ok here was my solution to my problem,that was just like yours.
I too run the Mr. Gasket grommets in both valve covers,on passenger side I have a small KN breather.Where the PCV valve goes (I don’t run a PCV)I have 90 to 5/8 hose it goes to driver side valve cover to a 5/8 T,out of the T to a CorkSport catch can to the turbo intake.
On oil mess 0 on the street driving,50 passes at Bost set around 26 psi.


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