possibly located a stolen car anybody around nj

Jul 31, 2002

ok i bought car like this like 2-3yrs ago now off ebay i had it 4-5 months then it was stolen i had a column lock on but of course thats gone and this car now has a grey column mine was a 84 t-type and the vin on it now comes back to v8 regal and it looks to be has the 84 interior still got same radio in which i painted blue a little on it if anybody could look at it let me know thanks oh and the t-type on the grill is just hanging i just bolted it to the grill cause there was no holes there
not a t type

didnt see car in person but saw that car when it first went on ebay this week , 24 hr auction , buy it now was only 3,200.
watched it run to the 4300 price it sold at ,
the vin shows its not a ttype but an 86 regal limited 307v8 (y-motor)
definitely something fishy with car , i thought about buying at first , buy it now was a great price but vin said it all

as you say it looks like it was a vin swap ,drivetrain was front mounted 86-87 turbo
i beleive i saw same car up on ebay a few weeks ago ,