post your trunk/sub box pics!


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Dec 7, 2003
I need some ideas on how I should build my box for my 12" sub, so if you got some photos of your trunk install, please post them or give me an address to see some pics. Thanks!
trunk install

No matter what you decide to go with make sure you fire your subs towards the back(liscense plate).Also dont rule out a builtup trunk.Or as some like to call it"raising the floor".Firing the subs up to the trunk lid.REALLY NICE!
OK - I'll try not to get to in depth and keep it simple -

IF you are wanting an easy install, firing the subs backwards in the G body is the best way to go.

IF you want to do a more involved install, firing them forward is the best way to go BUT - it is imperative that NO sub bass gets into the trunk. ie: the sub has to be perfectly sealed to the cab of the vehicle. This is quite involved and takes alot of care, materials and attention to detail but WILL result in the most accurate bass reproduction overall.

The reason is what is commonly referred to as standing waves.

When a sub is fired forward (not sealed to the cab), the sound wave travels in ALL directions (forward, backward, up, down etc...) The result is alot of waves bouncing around that will interact in a negative manner (in and out of phase). The biggest culprit of standing waves is the wave that bounces off the rear of the car and then comes forward. When this happens, overall bass reproduction is greatly reduced (out of phase to itself).

When the sub wave is sealed into the cab only (fired forward), standing waves are greatly reduced resulting in ultra clean/tight (in phase) bass reproduction because the sound wave can't go backwards there fore you greatly reduce any standing waves.

When a sub is fired backward the same thing happens, the wave is essentially "bounced" off of the rear and then it comes forward. Cabin gain is increased as well resulting in some increase in sub bass volume.
The result is excellent bass response with some loss to overall accuracy. A rear fired sub will also have a tendency to sound some what "tubby" and sloppy BUT, it seems that this is what most people prefer.

Under NO circumstances would i suggest the sub fire up at the trunk lid.
I have 4 10's mounted behind the back seat firing forward with no box (Freeair) do you think they would work better mounted in a box firing toward the rear? I don't know if I want a big box in the trunk but if it would work alot better I may try it.
I don't have a system in the GN yet but I have had several systems. I can say, without a doubt a sealed box ported into the passenger cabin will sound the best and well worth the trouble or cost. In my everyday car I am only running 2 10" solobaric speakers and they hit HARD. For the GN I will be putting in a sealed box in the rear tray and port into the passenger compartment in the middle of the rear deck. You also don't get truck vibration distorting the sound.
Properly installed, a freeair system will give you the BEST linear response that can be had BUT, at a sacrafice of overall efficiency (won't play all that loud compared to a boxed sub).

If accuracy is your goal with little regard to volume, stick with the free air (make sure the trunk and cab are perfectlt sealed!)
If you want the OOOmph and the woofers will function correctly in a box - go with a box
That makes alot of sense because my system is not that loud however it does seem very linear. I think I will stick with the free air set-up as I'm into clean sound not the real loud OOOmph as you describe