poston cam


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Sep 12, 2005
has anyone ever ran the 107 or 110 cam from poston enterprises? if so was it worth it and what kind of idle and sound did it put out?
i ran the 107 smooth idle low 12s... but do to lack of zinc in oil now aday's YOU'd better think otherwise (roller) not flat tappet..:( or you'd be in it again.
i have the 107 i'm pretty sure in my car now...idles great little lop to it pull real hard..if you have the money i'd do a roller but flat tappets find to...i don't know about zinc in oil but i think you'll be safe:rolleyes: joel

I got the 107 in mine, pulls ok.

The only oil that I know of with zinc in it is the shell fire and ice. this was told to me by builder a couple of years back, he said to run that oil for break in then switch over.

Although I was like what? hmmm crap oil, I tried it on
the last 2 smallblocks i slapped together and ran it for break in with no problems.

But i thought zinc was banned...maybe its just flavor crystals added to it.

I'd like to find out more myself