Powder coating the lower intake?


Three of a Perfect Pair
May 24, 2001
If I powder coat it flat black.....that should help dissipate the heat ....... right?
My intake is nasty even after a glassbead.
I have the powder coat kit and powder so.........
A rough surface will dissapate heat faster that smooth/gloss/polished sureface. i.e.- as cast alum vs. polished alum.

Now maybe some radiator black paint but powder might be too thick and hamper the heat transfer. I would steer away from painting it. Maybe jet hot coat but not sure if that would work either maybe help air flow inside but might acts as an insulating means also.

Had a flathead ford V8 rebiult it wanted to make the block nice looking so, painted it up and then the sucker ran hot.
An old timer mechanic bud said to take the paint off the block and sure enough stripped the paint(a pain) and walla. It stayed cooler. So sometimes paint hurts.
Don't want to use any type of paint.
Anything gets spilled on it and it will look like crap.Powder coating holds up well to spills. Plus I have never had luck with paint sticking to aluminum.

On the side note:
An old school drager told me people used to paint the block (sbc,ect) flat black to help with the heat......
I was the same way...had the intake and valve covers bead blasted and they still looked like crap...I used hi-temp aluminum
paint...let that dry then sprayed with hi-temp clear...the key it to not spray on too heavy...light misting...with this combo after a few heat cycles the color darkens and looks exactly like stock...plus the clear coat makes it easy to clean...if you get oil or grease on it...just wipes off...doesn't soak in...
Powercoated My Stuff...

I powdercoated my upper & lower intake and valve covers to match. I used Eastwood's Argent Silver & a coat of clear and it looks awesome and is very durable. While we may have reduced the heat-shedding ability of the intake by some amount, the improvement in appearance and ease of maintenance make it worthwhile.
It must have been a crappy powdercoating job. As a demo we have a coated piece of metal in brake fluid. Still looks good! Nuff said.
It must have been a crappy powdercoating job. As a demo we have a coated piece of metal in brake fluid. Still looks good!


I too have powder coated parts that have held up very well.

Thanks all for your opinions.

I have used Jet-Hot on 2 manifolds with good results. Definitely reject spills and stains better and it's easier to clean.

If you are concerned about heat, coat the bottom with those special heat-coatings these vendors offer (Jet-Hot, Swain. etc.). I think it's overkill for common person.

I think the worst choice is polishing the intake. They look great when they are put on, but they are impossible to keep clean and re-polish. There is too much stuff on top of it with the fuel rail, throttle cables, egr, heater pipe, vaccum hoses, etc.
I have had no problems with powdercoating. Both of my cars have powdercoated upper and lower intakes and valve covers. My GN has been done for about 2.5 yrs, and still looks great. My ttype has been done for 1.5 yrs, 25K miles, and is my daily driver, and it looks great. Best 75 bucks I ever spent. HTH

As far as normal paint goes, black is the color that does dissipate heat the fastest, and this has been proven by industry. That is why painting the block flat black helps the motor run cooler.