Powder Coatings & Jet Hot


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Dec 26, 2002
Considering you guys are so good with these cars. This rookie has another question. I've pretty much had everything metal (brackets, hard vacume lines, upper and lower control arms, sway bars, dust shiled, oil pan you name it) in the engine compartment powder coated black. I'm looking at my intercooler thinking.....man is that going to look like crap. I was thinking about getting it coated as well. But I don't want to limit its cooling ability. So, here lies the question. Will having the intercooler power coated hut overall performance?

I've also had the stock headers coated at Jet Hot. I've had a couple people mention that the coatings will not last due to the excessive heat produced by our cars. If this is true I'm going to be very disapointed at Jet Hot as with their experience they should have known this to be the case. Anyone have any feedback on this?

I would not PC the IC because of heat. If you do PC I would not PC the fins at a min. Here is the answer for you.


This color goes well with anything.

As far as the Jet hot goes I would say it would hold up pretty well for a couple years. It will discolor though. I will most definitely be HPC coating the headers next time just because it looks sooo good and you can re-polish when colored. I am doing the downpipe and a couple other brackets in HPC also.
I have used the silver Jet Hot coating on my entire exhaust system, and I wouldn't recommend doing the headers...you'll burn the coating off. Jet Hot recommends the dusty blue or black coating for the high temperature coating on the headers, since the EGT's can reach 1700 deg. the silver coating won't hold up.

-John Spina
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What is HPC Coating?

Considering the headers are already done what would you guys suggest? I don't want to get the motor back in and have to jack around with the headers in six months or less. Can the jet hot coatings be removed?

High performance coating. IT LOOKS GREAT. As close to chrome as you are going to get for hot applications. A little expensive but well worth it.

I am sure sand blasting would remove the hot coat.
Good news. Just spoke with the folks at JET HOT! Great people down there! Because I haven't installed the newly coated headers they are going to upgrade them for me to the Jet Hot 2000. This should emiminate the problem. Yea, they will be black instead of the polished allum. look. But they should match the powder coating nicely!:D

Still wondering about powder coating the intercooler???????

Does anyone know how hot the turbo shield gets?
I had the turbo shield powder coated and it still looks great after a year, the only thing is when it cools it leaves a dull finish on it that you have to wipe off.
I can have your Buick headers done for $165 Canadian...about $135 us. Guaranteed forever and look unbelievable! Many of our club members have it done and looks great! THDP's are $175 cdn, done inside black and outside in the chrome look, again guaranteed forever, screw 2 years. Call 604-888-8688 and ask for Dave. Tell him Jim Evoy refferred you. Dave can also handle absolute any powder=coat requirements from full frames to cruise brackets!
Used Jet-Hot 2000 on my THDP in gray and it has held up perfectly so far. Has a dull gray finish but I think it looks good.
I've had jet hot silver finish in the past on my 80s turbo trans am and it has held up for 10yrs. Thats a hot air turbo motor.

So I went ahead and Jet Hot my Atr with the silver finish too.
Will see if it will hold up if not I'll get them redone but for now they look pretty:D
My concern with any of the header coatings would be if the headers were coated on the inside as well as outside and the material were to flake off. If the coating starts flaking it's going right into your turbo. I could be barking up the wrong tree here but it seems to me that it would be a legitimate concern. If I were coating my headers I think I would specify that only the outside of the header is to be coated.