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Dr. D

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Jun 27, 2001
I goofed last week and stuck this under general tech. Sorry.

If your original GM antenna is dead because of a broken cable, and want your car to stay original; then spend about $20.00 and use an AC Delco cable. Just order the following part and repair it yourself. It's simple.

GM# 22038195
can ya pass on the instructions i want to do this rather than replace the whole antenna
Antenna Repair

The best thing to do is get a manual that has instructions and photos. The actual replacement isn't difficult at all. There are only a few screws and clips in the disassembly / reassembly.

The difficult part is getting the thing off of the fender. Again, pictures with detailed instructions are better in the book that what I can piece together.

One piece of advice, save the chromed nut on the top of the mast, because you'll need it. Andbe careful not to smash the mast when removing the nut.
When everyone says cable, do they mean the antenna mast up/down drive cable or the signal cable?

I want to replace the up/down drive cable. It's-a-broked.
My apologies for the confusion. This is for the plastic drive cable that is attached to the thinnest portion of the mast. This is the plastic portion with teeth that is driven by the motor.
This is not part of the wire harness.:cool:
The mast telescopes into several pieces (3 or 4, my GN isn't here to verify). If any of these chromed, hollow, telescoping pieces is kinked, you need these pieces seperately because they are not the part number listed above.

The piece that I am refering is part of the mast too, but:
1. is also the gear drive portion that winds up near the motor,
reel style.
2. is the thinnest portion of the mast (it has the nut at the tip).
3. is the portion that is inside of the chromed telescoping hollow
4. metal and plastic bonded / crimped together to make one

Hope this helps.