Power antenna. Replace cable before install!!!


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Apr 5, 2005
Just a little FYI. I bought a brand new NIB OEM ac delco antenna. Installed in the car, freshly painted and all. Well. It snapped the nylon immediately. Now I had to pry and mess with the fender and bolts, agitating the new paint to get the thing out.

So, replace your nylon or replace with the steel cable before putting it in!! No matter how “new” it is. 35 years coiled up, it bound to snap. Here’s a pic of what came out of mine.


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Thanks for the heads up. I'm at the stage you are at. Never thought to test the NOS antenna prior to install.
I'm going that route. Got an old mast I'll practice on first. Thx Matt for the link on how to dyi.