Power master to vacuum conversion question.

Now I’m confused the original power master is something I would like to keep but I’ve seen rebuilt one as high as $2600 on Kirban. My pump ran very slow and started to smoke. I haven’t found one of them under $1500 if I could just get it rebuilt or found a replacement I should but good?
Another "ya but" thread.....:rolleyes:
They're really expensive and pretty troublesome. That's why a lot of people go to vacuum conversion or Hydraboost brakes on TB's. Between accumulator balls and other PM problems, most people just raise the white flag and do something else. There are still some people running them. If you're doing a concours restoration, you should probably just spend the money. If you really want to drive it a lot, I would do something else. I still have my original in a box that says "DO NOT OPEN, GIVE TO GUY THAT BUYS THE GN AFTER I'M DEAD". It will never go back in as long as I own it.

I just got tired of having the brake light come on and knowing I only have one pump of the brakes left. Sooner or later I was gonna wreck it. Oddly enough, my Saab 9000's have a very similar set up, and they never fail. Almost looks like the same accumulator ball. I wonder if it could be retrofitted?
Hopefully I’m in the correct forum. I’m done with the original brake system on my GN going vacuum. The booster motor started smoking . I looked around to have it rebuilt OMG. So the vac set don’t come with pedal. So where can I found one?

You could patch up your PM to keep it original. It would be expensive and you probably won't want to drive it much to keep from having to patch it again.

I can't speak for any other kits, but with my vac conversion you don't have to find a junkyard with 80's cars to find a pedal.