Power Plate


Hey Guys,
I was just wondering if by any chance one of you has tried out the AD power plate by Jason Cramer?? Heard great things about it in the general tech area but, wanted to hear about it from one of you guys that may have it. I'll probably buy it anyways. Im sure it works.

Mine just arrived today . I plan to try it out at Mooresville this weekend. I will let you know how it works . My GN is mostly stock with some fuel upgrades. Previous best was 8.49 in the 1/8 mile.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but


What would that equate to in terms of 1/4 mile?

Looking at some old timeslips, I would say that equates to about a 13.20 run or so, depending on mph and 60' time etc.
Hey Geoff,
I agree with Clayton, it is around a 13.20 et in the 1/4. Thats about what my car ran with the same 1/8 th et (8.49) Thanks Dave, Keep me posted on the results. See you guys soon (Clayton and Clara)