Power steering pump hose ?


1986 Grand National
Greetings all,

How hard is it to change the power steering return hose? I thought I had an oil leak on long the back of the engine, because the converter dust cover was wet (on the front) But was not leaking from the weep hole, so looking a little further I found the front of the oil pan wet also and the front of the engine cross over frame wet. And appears to be coming from the Power steering return hose. (The big ¾ to 1” hose)-.

I can’t see where it connects into the pump.
Here you go

I still have mine on the bench. The compressor is removed. I will take some more if this doesn't answer your question.


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Thank you for the replies.

This morning I noticed a small puddle of coolant (~1/4' tea spoon) on top of the oil pump cover. I have to track that down also. Good Lord willing it is just a the clamp loosened up on the upper radiator hose.