Power window problems?


1982 Regal 4.1
Has anyone every had to replace there power window's motor? My driver's side window will go down about 5 inches and start a grinding type noise and the pax side will not go down at all. Does anyone have any pointers on how to's and the cheapest place to find replacement motors.....
The passenger side is problem just a loose connection at the motor - very common, or a bad switch. The grinding noise may be a bad regulator. Maybe a good cleaning, adjusting and lubricant would fix it.

Bad motors need to be drilled out. I would try everything else first.
I was thinking it was the tracking on the drivers side too.
For the pass side it could be the pass switch or the master switch on the drivers side.
My power lock switch(master) on the drivers side will lock both doors, but will not unlock them. The one on the pass side does both, but if the Master switch goes all the way bad neither switch will work. Same goes for the windows.
Whatever it is... I have done this job many times and the bottom line is......it SUCKS! You'll have plenty of cut knuckles:( Take your time doing it and be patient if you choose to. It is very difficult to work with no matter what it is....:(

Last time I bought one it was re-manufactured. $25.00 and you have to give them the old one. The warrenty is for life....(at least at the shops I buy at....'Discount Auto Parts', (DAP) or my favorite, 'AutoZone'. :D
I'm going to dive in head first into my problem this weekend. It really sucks going to the ATM or a drive through and have to open the door or get out of the car to take care of things.
Freddie's buick you were right. My hands are sore and all cut up, but fixing the problem was worth the pain. On the pax side the connection on the motor was lose and the connection on the power locks was loose too. They are both working. Now on the driver's side this is another story. The switch for the lock is junk I have to go get another one and for the window. I'm sure the motor is crap. I studied the pax side to see how everything worked and from what I seen things looked good on the driver side. The way the motor sounded I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to get those rivets out (this sucks).

Well anyway thinks for the help again!!!! You guys are the best...
Chiseling out the rivets is the easy part.......:( .....installing new screws and adjusting is the hellish part, (get many Band-Aids, that's all I could say). :rolleyes: