Power Window Trouble Need Help!


Jan 14, 2003
My Power Window Switch Broke And Ofcourse The Windows Down Does The Bezel Snap Off? Dont Want To Force The Issue. Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!
On either side of the switch molding is a little metal tab behind the trim. Use a pen screwdriver and push the tab in and the whole switch (trim and all) will pop out.
Are you sure it is the switch and not the motor? If it is the motor, alot of times you can hit the door on the inside near the front just above the carpeted area, and that will get the motor over it's dead spot. I just had this happen to an 83 Cutlass. On well placed punch, and the window went up.
Didn't know about Wagon's trick, may save your day.
Had similiar problem, & fixed it while replacing window trim.
It may be best to take off door panel, as the plastic parts that hold the switches are junk & break easily; besides, you'll never get the switch held firmly back in place if don't remove the panel. They are two piece but easier than some older cars. Remove 2 screws the depression in arm rest, then you'll see (remove) two big screws that hold center of panel to door. Pop off the two dark plastic decorative pieces that hold the pull strap & there is a screw under each one. Then pop off the panel snaps; you can't see them, so feel along the gap between metal door & panel with a big screwdriver & pop each one, about 3 on each side of panel. You can then pull up/off the top half of panel as it fits in a metal groove that runs along top of the bottom panel. You can then get to back of all the switches. Careful bending tabs back that hold 'em in, & can also disconnect (use very small screwdriver) the electrical attachment (small plastic square with 5 pins) from the switch. I cleaned mine up, re-connected & worked great. While in there can adjust & replace window felt if needs it. For a bonus you can get all the free french fries, coins, whatever, that somehow gets lost inside the door panel :smile:
I looked for Dawn's crack but not there (hi Wells! :biggrin: ).
Or, just give it a kick & see what happens. Good luck.......Ray