Powerlogger blinking green


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Feb 2, 2011
My powerlogger has been working fine all year, but as of yesterday I'm seeing on my scanmaster and laptop that I'm at 5-6lbs of boost at idle. I also notice a green blinking light that stays blinking at the ECM where the powerlogger is plugged in with engine running and powerlogger on "monitor"... any idea's? Checked the 3 bar map and all seems fine as far as vacuum hose & plug. Current mods are in my sig.
Car is running fine, just showing boost at idle which I know can't be right.
The flashing light during monitor mode is normal. As for the boost reading at idle goes, well, you're going to have to troubleshoot that. Likely an issue with the MAP sensor or a connecition problem.

Maybe the wrong MAP sensor got chosen on the F3 page.
key on, engine off, get PLC connected and look at MAP and Boost. If boost is not "darn near zero', hit Ctrl-B to update the barometric pressure reading.

Report back the details.

That was it Bob..Thanks ! Now can you explain how this happened? How did the pressure get screwed up? Been chasing this for a few days now going nuts. Can't thank you enough. Boost was showing 14-15lbs key on power only, then 6-7 lbs key on engine off. Hit Ctrl B and all reset to zero. Key on/engine on and all good.
Do you have a write up on other problems that show up and the fix? Don't recall ever seeing anything on resetting barometric pressure. But it's fixed and now I know what to do if this happens again....... BIG THANKS !