Powerlogger to read Boost


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Aug 12, 2002
For some reason, I cannot get my powerlogger to record boost. I have signal from green wire at MAP to the #2 on the input board and the powerlogger. The powerlogger software is set to 3 bar map. I'm running Alky system and updated the map at that time. Do I need to add a ground or something? Any insight would be appreciated.
Try running a wire from the power logger connecting block to the green wire on the alky system under the dash. Let us know if you then have a signal.
Do you currently have a scan master reading from the board? The cable connection from the board to ecm may be loose/bad. I had the input board go bad before, Bob was able to sell me a new board. Have you tried other inputs, and do they work? You apply a test voltage to see if you get a reading.
Scanmaster is reading from the input board. I do have another input board I could try. I do have continuity from the green wire on Alky system to input board. Let me check these few items and report back. It may take me a few days, brakes are out on GN. Gotta fix that first:)
Just went threw this. My boost and fuel psi stopped reading on PL. scanmaster seemed to work proper. Car ran great. Cable from I/0 board to the ecu was half way unplugged. Everything is back to normal agin here. Easy check.