PowerLogger File!!!! Take a look!

I installed my first Alkycontrol kit in 2006 after experimenting with home brew rocket fuel. Never looked back.
Race gas is a whole different ball of wax. Racing every weekend in a race series...and hitting the coffee shops...is apples and oranges.
Been busy with school the past few weeks. Getting the car out tonight (Finally 70+ degrees out) and will be getting the alky kit dialed in. I've been wondering about the converter. Vig multi disc lockup converter, 3200 stall. What's a reasonable rpm drop on the shifts? I have street tires so getting a wot 1-2 shift is impossible, but should be able to get a 2-3 on log. 22 ish psi. Previous owner with THIS EXACT CONVERTER AND TURBO ON HIS CAR showed me a high 10 second slip. Built motor and better heads and cam. So clearly the setup is capable. Just wondering what it takes to just blow through this converter.
Norbs went 10.3 at 134 with a Vig multidisc locked. Slip was in the 2-3 percent range. His was a 2800. He had to sit on the transbrake for about 20 minutes to get the boost to come up cuz the convertor was so tight. He left the line with some ridiculous amount of boost. Never saw anyone go all in like he did. He jammed 30 pounds of boost through a stock turbo. I asked him what happened. He said it ate itself :ROFLMAO:
You can get Eric to lock the convertor via his chip automatically in 3rd gear. Had him do a couple for me when I got started. They weren't made to be locked...so they didn't last long.
Did some runs at 18 psi. Engine drops 700 rpm on the 1-2 shift and 600 on the 2-3 shift.