Powerlogger files


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I've been doing as much research on the powerlogger as I can in preparation on purchasing one and I have run into a problem.

I can't open any of the attached file posted in threads on this site. Do I need a special program or am I doing something wrong.

I'd like to open them to get an understanding of what information they provide.

You have to "Extract" or Unzip" the zipped file then open it in the PowerLogger. I had trouble too. For some reason I can't open a zipped file on my laptop but I can open them on my PC. You might need to download some kind of software. I'm a little computer illiterate. Maybe someone can chime in.
I assume you have the Powerlogger software?
You can go to the Full Throttle forum and download the Powerlogger software for free. I just download PL files to a folder on my desktop and then open them in the PL software. No issues with that. You'll be able to see the the recorded (file) info with the PL software.