Powermaster Brake Reservoir Replacement


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Jan 23, 2015
I an new to the Buick work and currently have a small spider crack on the bottomside of my reservoir near the sump hose causing a very small leak. Attempts to repair have not worked. The next plan was to order a powermaster brake reservoir(part #7018) along with stickers from Kirbans. The reservoir comes with the grommets.
The 1987 service manual(section 5) has much information on the powermaster unit but I cannot find any specific to the reservoir replacement.

I have searched but cannot find exactly what i am looking for. Does anyone have a procedure for this replacement.

The service manual shows removal of the reservoir with a pry bar through a port in the powermaster body. Also, was not sure about removal of pressure switch and accumulator if the unit is depressurized.

The car is a GNX and thus my attempts to repair the reservoir. but this appears to be a matter of function over form.

Thank you for any assistance, John