Pray for Cal !!!!!!!!!

Thanks again everyone. Your kindness is becoming embarrassing, but very much appreciated. I am doing fine, just taking things easy. I've got a couple bruises and a messed up shoulder. Monday morning the doctor will tell me where we are going with the shoulder. Race season is starting to get going and I've got to get better quickly

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Thats a hard core racer when he just wants to heal up because race season is coming lol. Glad your ok !!!!
Holy Cow!! Dude I'm off the board for a couple of weeks and you try to buy the farm!!! I'm glad you were outbid and glad you are OK. Get well.
Just got back from Cuba and my Dad told me what happened. Very happy to hear your ok Cal. Cars can always be replaced, but you can't. Makes you see things differently at just how fragile life really is. Even injured to still can't stay away, AWESOME!!!! and helping set new personal bests to boot. (y)