Pray for Cal !!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear that you'll be OK. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Mike Barnard
I'm a little doped up right now, but you guys are truly amazing! My phone has been going off like crazy! 100% MY FAULT!!! I lost control, went off the road, the airbags went off which must shut engine off and turn on hazards, etc.. the passenger side never hit the ground. I'm going to play the insurance game now. Hoping to buy the car back. Thanks again to everyone!

Hey dopey, you might not want to put it's your fault on a public forum :eek:. Glad to hear you made it out with minimal damage. Good luck on the road to recovery (no pun intended).
Cal, just read this thread. Prayers go out to you! I can fully attest to the structural quality of the GM products. I was hit by a woman not paying attention on the freeway headed back to the office. She veered into my lane and when honked she whipped the wheel to the right and a split second later came back left across the freeway and hit me behind the front PS wheel going 70mph. The impact sent us across the entire freeway where she spun off my side while I was already going into a spin. When my truck hit the grassy shoulder I was facing traffic and the rear PS wheel dug into the ground and send us in a 360 degree roll. Truck held up great, but I am still dealing with 3 herniated cervical disks in my neck that keep me from doing 60% of what I am use to doing.