Pray for Cal !!!!!!!!!

Cal is out of hospital, very sore, bruised up and only had a separated clavicle bone in his left shoulder.
No broken bones or serious injuries, Thank goodness! GM definitely knows how to build a car SAFE!!
He will be in an arm sling for awhile, but very lucky to have survived this accident.
So now he will have to Tune Cars with only one hand on the laptop.:)
Thank you all for your thoughts and Prayers, the strength in this Buick Community is amazing and very touching.
It is a Great feeling to know that we have so many Buick friends/family that are there for us.
Thank you EVERYONE!
Glad he is home and OK. Heres to a speedy recovery.
Damn cal hope your alright. Sucks for the car too seems like everyone that gets out of GNs goes to a caddy. We've been trying to get Billy's 6speed v to be 1st in the 9s on stock blower as we'll at least you ok replace the car not your life.
Cal glad you are ok, we all think it can never happen to us and these kind of posts hit close to home. Thanks to all for the updates.

I almost didn't believe this at first....Cal I hope you recover well and Holly if you need Anything please call...