precision front mount


I like mine a lot. I installed it myself in a few hours. It bolts right up to existing holes in the core support. The tubes are tucked up close to the car nice and snug so they do not hang down too low, and they do not hit anything under the hood. I have not had any cooling issues here during the Chicago summers. Sometimes PTE puts it on special and it can be had for $795 instead of $895.
I'd really like to see some photos of people's fronties....(intercoolers, that is:D )
hopefully mine will be here by the end of the month didnt get the 795 deal . do you have to take the bumper off to install thanks again
i had to trim my new out of the box 86 grill to clear the intercooler.
other than that it goes right on. had my tubes polished, well worth the money for that.
heres the pic of mine

yes, i do drive it around like that. i tell the ricers that its got the stage 1 weight reduction package:D

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thx, ive got some pics of it with the grill instaled. ill upload them later and post them if i dont forget.