preignition or detonation?


One Fast Buick
Feb 22, 2009
I have been having a spike in boost lately (93 octane no alky, spikes up to 17 and drops to about 10-12) and when it spikes i can hear the motor ping. I picked up 12degrees on the SM today :0!!!

I already am ordering another boost controller, but just curious if I can hear it would it be preigniton, or detonation?
You hear detonation, pre-ignition will usually affect your wallet! :eek:

If you go past detonation, you will not see knock retard, but most likely will have damage as will occurs in less than a second.

How many alky injection users have blown head gaskets and stated they never had detonation, or there was no sign of knock retard?

A hot spot in the combustion chamber will set off pre-ignition, and that usually is the spark plug. Most common causes are not enough octane, or a lean mixture.
12 on top of the 19 built into the tt chip is not so good . i think thats the max it can add . OUCH! i would not rinse and repeat !
I know! I turned down the boost, put in another boost controller so it wouldnt spike like crazy and its good now. it just couldnt handle the boost in the weather around here (Florida weather) tranny is getting put together and putting back in tomorrow or wednesday....then, its alky time. :))))