Prepping trim; taillight bezels, markers etc..


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Jun 1, 2001
These pieces are plastic boys and the hell does a guy get them ready for paint??? Can't blast 'em, 3M scrubbers are almost useless...any ideas on how a guy can get the paint to stick to these chrome pieces????
Thanks for all replies,
I never had any trouble with using red scotchbrite. That's not to say you'll never have to do them again. My latest idea with blackout trim is to nix the flat black and use shiny black synthetic enamel w/ hardener.........same as used for auto painting. I like it. Looks very black, and stays that way. Of course, I say, "ORIGINAL BE DAMNED"! :mad:

But that's just me. :D
I agree with Red Regal. I did exacty that with the tail lights on my Dad's 84 Hurst Olds. wetsanded with 400 and used black base/clear, that was 3 years ago and they still look like I painted them yesterday. And yes at a car show of corse someone pointed out that it wasn't original :rolleyes: they did agree that it looked better though:D
You could try using an etching primer first after cleaning them up-eastwood now makes a satin black etching primer which i use under trim black paint.

SEM makes a couple GOOD products to do exactly what you are looking to do.
They have a "plastic prep". I use it w/ a scotchbrite. It is used after you wash the parts w/ "Purple stuff, Mean Green, etc"and get the road dirt and grease off. It makes the plastic just a tad sticky.
You then use their spray paint specifically for plastics... WALA! Done and lookin good.
FOLLOW the directions for a great looking finish!!

Mine have been done for 5 yrs and look new.

Get it at the automotive paint store... I've also seen it at Auto Zone...

Doing the metal trim is another deal. It is coated w/ a "plastic" coating that will slide off when hit w/ paint stripper. I had all mine powdercoated.. LOOKS GREAT, and won't chip and peel.

Back under my rock.....:cool: :cool:
Thanks alot you guys, great ideas and suggestions here! Anything metal is being powder coated as I type this, it just the plastic pieces that were giving me gas, but no longer.
go to walyworld, or ace hardware (ace is like 50 cents cheaper and pick up a can of spray paint for plastic. I think its acriliccote or however you say it. anyway its supposed to completely bond to the plastic in like 7 days. I used it on my fillers and it worked ok.
I agree with Chuck, I tried numerous paints to get the right look and durabilty, SEM products was as good as I've found....

Chuck, your idea worked unbelievably! I used the SEM products, as directed and the results are fan-friggen-tastic! I spent about 40 minutes a side with the tail light frames and prolly 20 minutes total on the marker bezels with 400 wet/dry paper first, used the SEM plastic prep and blasted it with 39193 trim black and I can't describe how well they turned out.
Thanks again for all the replies.
Pics of painted tail light bezels.

Can you send me some pics of your painted tail lights.