probably the coolest car I have ever seen...


Nov 11, 2002
It's sure not a buick, but what would you give to have this car in your driveway??
look under tigershark on the left, then accessories, then scroll down

This kit is available for the C5 corvette, and it takes my breath away. In a perfect world, I would have 3 cars:

a maxxed out '87 GN, forget about handling, this is
a straight drag racing machine!!!!

that corvette in the pic above, faster than hell, and
turns on a dime, also a chick MAGNET!!!!

A '98 or so Dodge Ram pickup 4x4, shortbed, standard
cab, with racing stripes and big ass tires
for the winter/to haul ****.

I would not change a THING on that vette though. I will own one one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: