Production number

Brian Felts

New Member
May 19, 2007
How do I find the production number for a TTA I have in my shop. I have had it for a few months repairing some problems and painting the entire car. Now the owner would like to know his numbers. The car is a one owner before this fellow.

The vin is


The car was orginally sent to

Fred Beck Pontiac
13400 Washington Bvd.
Laurel Md. 20810

It has 18,000 miles on it t-top car with leather int. Standard TTA completely stock. I have the original build sheet and window sticker. Its large claim to fame is Mike Wallace signed the underside of the back hatch in 1993.

Brian Felts
Wow thats cool, is there any way to tell from the build sheet?

This car still has the original Gatorbacks on it.......not truly a good thing.

Build sheet won't give you that information. Build number was assigned, I believe, by PAS and not by GM. Change those Gatorbacks. The ones on my car looked great, but traction was terrible. New tires made a big difference.