Project Secret Squirrel

pitch black

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Figured I post this here too

Project Secret Squirrel has begun.

Knew the turbo was blowing some oil but did not expect to find this.

So a new turbo goes on this weekend with larger injectors and a chip for now.

Hope to have the prototype 3" DP this week for mockup.

Future plans:
New stock location intercooler
Billet fuel sending unit (will be converting to E85)
3" single shot stainless exhaust
Strut tower brace that bolts in with out drilling new holes

I am sure there will be more as we go along.


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This is the one I made from a stock hanger, and parts from Racetronix. Would be impossible to fit in the tank without the flexible fuel tube. Going on e85 for the third season. No problems yet at all


pitch black

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The Fuel pumps for the GN's premier this weekend @Bates and will work on the 3rd gen one later this month.

Here is a sneak peak at the downpipe in the works

Everything buttoned back up and new tires came in. Hope to be able to test the new wastegate system and turbo this week. Then need to concentrate on other projects for awhile. Should have the full down pipe for mockup soon and will work on a new intercooler soon.



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Nice. I always think about buying a turbo t.a. I have had 3 GNs and maybe time for a change. My last on corn and absolutely loved it. Good luck on the testing.
Hey, just checking to see if you have any updates??
Assuming you are interested in down pipe up date. I am still waiting on the first set from the supplier. The unfortunate truth is the small quantity is putting it on the back burner for them. If I don't have the first set by the time we get back from SEMA I am going to search out a new supplier. Sorry it is not a better update.
New turbo shield and some newer seat covers for the TTA. For all those interested in the TTA downpipes. The pipes are bent and awaiting welding. I should see the first batch by the time I return from SEMA. I will update as soon as I know anything else.

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