PS Intercooler question


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What are the Powerstroke intercoolers selling for right now on average? Im considering doing it if I can find one for a reasonable price :)

Also, do I use the 6.0L or the 7.3L cooler? (I saw an auction for a 6.0L from a 2005 and they also mentioned a 7.3L)
older 7.3 with the aluminum tanks
My 99 in my sig has the aluminum tanks which are larger than the plastic tanks for the same year, but they are the repops. Not NOS parts per say.

Ive done a few cars with the aluminum tanked psd ic, MILD combos 11.0 to 11.7 120+ 3600lbs

200.00 is max for one IMO
Your write up is bookmarked already :) I've been looking at yours for a quite a while.
Ok cool thanks for the help guys!

Oh you know what years they are avaliable? 99-01? I swear there was an 01 when I read about this months ago :)