PS2 Steering wheels?


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May 24, 2001
I've been playing Nascar 2004 for the PS2 and its the first game thats really been a challenge! I was wondering if anybody here has a steering wheel for the ps2 and if you like it. From the reviews I've read, the Blue Thunder wheel has been getting the best reviews since it works with most games while the Logitec force feedback has been getting mixed reviews and doesn't work with a lot of games. Any input?
Get Gran tursimo 3 and the steering wheel.

it is SO worth it to drive a 500 HP supra.

feels actually really realistic, has feedback that getts lighter when the tires spin ect.

highly recomend it
I've had gt3 since it came out. I'm just trying to figure out what wheel to get. I know there is a ps2/wheel/gt3 game package out, but what wheel came with it?
I would wait for Gran Turismo 4 and the new Logitech steering wheel. Its the most realistic one made to date. Exactly like a real car minus the clutch pedal.
the wheel i bought for my computer works on my PS2. Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP. just plug it into one of the usb ports on the front and GT3 listed the wheel and setup all the buttons/pedals. kind of neat since i only bought it for smashing nascars into things on the pc.