PT52 Upgrade?


Looking to Buy
Jun 17, 2010
Guys I have done a full rebuild on my car and was wondering if it is time to upgrade my 10 year old PT52. I work a week on / week off schedule so it will be my daily driver half the year. This may sound corny but I really just want to eat people up on the street and doubt i will see the track more than a few times a year. I have no desire to see 10's with this car, low 11’s would tickle me to death. It has been about a year since i had it running and driving but the turbo was ridiculous slow to end was crazy but stop light to stop light it left something to be desired.
So i am turning to you turbo gods for their a newer style turbo that would fit my goals better than the PT52? I have done some research and saw where MR. Spool recommended putting a garret .63 ex housing on it for an improvement, any thoughts on that? Thanks in advance for any help guys I really do appreciate it.
A te44 with garrett housing would spool quick. A 6131 bb with Garrett housing would spool even faster. I've got both freshly gone through if interested. Ive got a billet 11 blade 59mm that spools really fast with a stage 3 turbine also. Send pm if you are.
zhorner said:
what 1/4 times would each of them support?

The limitation is the turbine. High tens would be attainable working them hard. Low 11's at 25psi are pretty common if other supporting parts are used on an unopened engine
The 6131 spools insanely quick! I love it :D.. I don't think mine is BB though. Pretty sure its JB.